• Denali National Park - Alaska - Julien Schroder
    Denali National Park - Alaska - Julien Schroder
Laura Neese during the Yukon Quest 2016 - Canada - Julien Schroder


I fell into mushing in 2010 while working for a musher in Finland. I wasn’t really serious about photography at that time …


Aurora Borealis

While I am not an “Aurora hunter” per se, I still enjoy looking at them and capturing them if I can. I …



As a landscape photographer, it took me a while to warm up to the idea of portraits photography. Then I began travelling …

Alaska Range from Coal mine road - Julien Schroder

Black and White landscapes

Sometimes colors are a distraction, black and white pictures allow you to focus on the texture and shape of the landscape. I …

Nellim lights - Julien Schroder

Color landscapes

Landscape photography has always be my main focus. I love to wander outside looking for amazing lights and natural features. My photographic …



I never really thought about taking wedding pictures before a couple ask me to cover their wedding. It was in June 2016. I …