How did it all begin?

This was written in 2013, after finishing the trip, since this date, the trail has regained popularity and it seems like some part are now maintained.

Since 2011 I had been constantly thinking about doing another multiday Backpacking trip as I did in Lapland. I was lucky enough to get a Work Holliday Visa in Canada and after some research, found a hidden 1000 miles route  through the Canadian Rockies, described as challenging and gorgeous : it was the perfect candidate named the “Great Divide Trail“.

It should really be called the Great Divide route as most part of the trail are not maintained which makes it really challenging. It allows you to wander in parts of the Rockies where tourist do not go, just you, the mountains and the wildlife!

Studying the maps of the GDT route
Studying the maps of the GDT route


In January 2013, I decided with a friend to start the planning, start date : June 2013.

The preparation included : 

  • Studying maps and aerial images
  • Drawing the trail on GIS software
  • Deciding the length of the days and planning the resupplies 
  • Building our gear list and optimizing it/testing it
  • Planning the logistic (where do we let the car etc…)
  • Finding an weight efficient food list